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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 31 May 2005 14:04 ]
Post subject:  Roleplaying Rules

You're free to write in any style you want, so long as it's legible and not so full of errors that others strain to understand you. However, since this is a community, there are rules you must follow so everyone gets along and has fun.

1. Be courteous and mindful of other peoples' characters. People spend a great deal of time and energy giving their characters life, so don't be an ass by killing/crippling/humiliating their characters without their express permission.

2. Be aware of creative license. Understand that each character is the intellectual property of his or her creator, and misuse of these characters not only makes people upset, but it disturbs the story's continuity. In other words: you're free to use other peoples' characters (unless they express that they don't want other people using them), but don't have them doing or saying things that aren't conducive to their personality.

3. Try to keep continuity errors to a minimum. Read each post carefully so subsequent posts transition well and don't have plot holes. If posts get too screwed up, a moderator will have to step in to clean up the mess.

4. Don't bring out of character disputes in character. If you have a problem with somebody, don't take it out on their character or the story. Settle it via PM or off the board entirely.

5. On the other side of rule 4, try not to take offense at another character disliking yours, even if the player and you are good friends. Tensions such as this add depth and flavor to the story, and are not to be interpreted as personal affronts.

6. If you have a problem, take it to a moderator first. If he or she can't help you, take it to an administrator.

(I hope Ed doesn't mind me nicking his RP rules from his site, but they were damn good rules. :bs )

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