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 Post subject: PnP House Rules
PostPosted: 24 May 2005 15:04 
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I guess I should post a couple of house rules now that we are going to do the campaign.
1. There will be a limit of what you can carry, regardless of strength, no more 2 legged pack mules :wink: with 25 rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammo.
2.All items removed from a container costs 2 AP's. Tha means each stimpak costs 2, each item has the cost applied seperately. No more using 40 stims for 2 AP's. :ad
you will be limited to either a 2-handed weapon in your hand, and 2 more on your person, along with space for carrying 13 other items loose.
Now this does 2 things, it makes packrat a much more valuable perk, as it allows you to carry 10 more items in the container backpack. It also forces the player to make intelligent decisions about the gear he is carrying.
There are containers that you can also carry in place of a loose item, which in effect increases your carrying capacity. They are:
Backpack, may carry 15 loose items, no two handed items. At the cost of 5 space
Magazine, come in three handy sizes 9 round cap, for pistols, 20, and thirty for rifles and assault rifles, unless noted differently in the weapon discription. size is two spaces
Magazine pouch, come in two sizes, 2 clips for the pistols, and 3 clips for the rifles. Size is 2 spaces
One note, you ONLY get the 2 AP cost for reloading IF you are pulling a magazine from a magazine pouch attached to a cartridge belt. So they are very handy. Also reloading a full magazine from another type of container costs ALL APs for that round. So they are very handy. To manually reload a magazine during combat is ONE bullet for 2 APs, so it is advisable to keep your magazines loaded.
Cartridge Belt, can hold up to 10 items, either magazine pouches, grenades, sheathes, canteens, or two pistols. Size is 3 spaces. Since Cartridge Belts are designed to carry magazine pouches, holsters, canteens, and sheathes, ignore size for those items. On a Cartridge Belt only, they are size of one.
Holster, allows you to pull a pistol in combat for half cost in APs. May only be attached to a cartridge belt. Size is 2 spaces.
Sheath, allows you to pull either a knife or combat knife for half AP cost in combat. Size is 2 Spaces.
Canteen, holds one days water ration. Size is 2 spaces.
Fanny Pack, can carry 5 spaces of items. size is 2 spaces
Field Medic's kit, carrying capacity of 20 stims or superstims, and 10 uses of field dressing. size 3 spaces.
Field Surgeon's kit, carrying capacity 40 stims or superstims, and 20 uses of field dressings. Size is 5 spaces.
Definition of one space.
clothing, 1 space per peice
200 caps
100 loose rounds
1 grenade
5 Stims, or Superstims
5 field dressings
one days food rations
Anything else is larger then one size unless the description states differently.
2. Food and water are now important, no more wandering the wastes like an immortal. this does two things, it makes Outdoorsman Vital, to finding food and water in the wastes, also make what you carry with you more vital.
3. you are allowed ONE suit of armor. No more carrying around 3 suits of armor to use when you need a specific type. :wink:
4, You will Need clothes, as if you go around the wastes half naked, you WILL regret it. :wink:

Will add more in a bit.

Cheers Thorgrimm

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