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 Post subject: Burning Star Mining Consortium
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2005 17:07 
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Faction One: Burning Star Mining Consortium
The Burning Star Mining Consortium enjoys the luxury of having the planets with the most abundent sources of heavy metals necessary for starship construction. The access to these important resources and thier strategic location along several primary trade routes have given them a lot of money and influence. Due to thier wealth they can employ merceneries to ensure that thier business runs smoothly. The fleet they maintain is only mining ships and the odd transport. They have almost no combat ships. They have no set capital, but when the Board of Directors meet they will meet on the planet Burkron Secondim.

Government Type: Run by a Board of Directors elected by stockholders. Elections are held every two years. Board appoints a CEO and CFO and determines company policy.

Economy: Although not officially a government, Burning Star can be considered a capitalistic coalition of member worlds. Burning Star Scrip is worth almost as much as a standard Credit. Their economy is based on mining and refining heavy metals and gems.

Religion: The company neither endorses nor prohibits any religious practices so long as they do not break the established company policies and regulations.

The individual units of the Burning Star Mining Consortium are as follows:

Heavy Mining Vessel--Automated ship with fleet of robotic drones that can strip mine individual asteroids in fields. As large as a Carrier.

Super Transport--The size of a Darkfire Dreadnought, the Transport was designed to haul massive loads of ore and metal across space. Other factions have expressed an interest in the ship design, leading to many variants owned by many different governments. The MacroHard corporation owns and operates a dozen of them as research vessels, while Earth corporations control almost one hundred as luxury passenger liners.

Defense Drone--Automated drone built to attack anything it deems hostile. Six feet tall with laser weaponry. Can operate in vacuum as well as in atmosphere.

Spy Drone--Drone that works like a roving security camera. Transmits all data to display(A) or records all data to be viewed later.(B) A is the size of a full-grown male's pinky, B is the size of a small dog. Both can function in vacuum or atmosphere.

Shatterer--The first type of planet-cracking ordinance created in Human Space, the Shatterer is a remotely operated ship the size of a corvette. It is packed with enough explosives to shatter most planets. It was designed for use on large asteroids or moons, leaving it slow and unarmored. Since the invention of the Nova bomb, Shatterers have returned to use as a mining tool, with the last instance of one being used as a weapon well over thirty years ago.

Special Forces--The only active military in Burning Star systems from the Burning Star planets. Highly trained, but inexperienced, they are equipped with the best Draconis weapons and armor money can buy.
The Burning Star Armed Forces standard weapons are as follows:

Army:Varies (Black Rock Mercenary Crew [See Below])

Black Rock Mercenery Crew:
Currently employed by the Burning Star Mining Consortium, the weapons utilized by the Black Rock Merceneries vary from primitive projectile weapons to modern Pulse Weapons or Railguns.

The Capital Ships of the Burning Star Fleet are as follows:

Corvette:Escort, Scouting, Patrol
Frigate:Escort, Scouting, Patrol
Destroyer:Escort, Scouting, Patrol
Light Cruiser:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Cruisers:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Heavy Cruiser:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Battlecruiser:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Escort Carrier:Escort (Duh!), Combat
Light Carrier:Combat
Assult Carriers:Combat

*These are standard specifications. Modifications are rare, but not unheard of.
Technology unique to the Burning Star Empire are as follows:

Super Ship Technology (Heavy Mining Vessel)
Drone Technology (See "Defense Drone" and "Spy Drone" in Individual Units)

The armor of the Burning Star Mining Consortium are as follows:

Spec Ops Armor: Drawing from their own experience in designing armored vacuum suits to protect their miners and MacroHard's weapons technology, the BSMC created a durable yet mobile armor suit. Able to withstand most projectile fire and equipped with a built in energy shield, the armor is comperable to the Powered Armor of most other modern armies.

The Burning Star fleet order of battle is as follows:

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