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 Post subject: Standard Stats and Tech
PostPosted: 05 Dec 2005 19:34 
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In the last few years of the twenty-fifth century, Humanity has spread among the stars, claiming exactly 237 planets in scores of different systems. Most diseases have been eliminated by both advanced medicine and genetic engineering on a very slight level. The average life expectancy is 117 for men, 120 for women. Human Space is fractured, divided into five factions, with a few planets, 13, being strong enough to remain independant. Faster than light travel is now a reality, and a trip from one end of Human Space to another takes little more than a few weeks.

General Tech: Vehicles

Capital ships: *
Corvette:Escort, Scouting, Patrol
Frigate:Escort, Scouting, Patrol
Destroyer:Escort, Scouting, Patrol
Light Cruiser:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Cruisers:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Heavy Cruiser:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Battlecruiser:Patrol, Fleet Combat
Escort Carrier:Escort (Duh!), Combat
Light Carrier:Combat
Assult Carriers:Combat

Orbital Stations: Rail Cannons, Guass Cannons, Plasma Turrets(Torpedo), Laser Turrets, Advanced Plasma Turrets (Beam)

Ground Vehicles: Mechanized Combat Walker, Basic Jeep-Type Vehicles, Basic Main Battle Tanks

Atmosphere-Orbital: Dropship (Able to carry a full blaster company)

*These are standard specifications. Modifications are rare, but not unheard of.
Common Transports:
Light Transport--Holds three companies of Army or Marines.
Light Vehicle Tranpsort--Holds light vehicles, no tanks. Up to four companies.
Transport--Holds up to six companies of Army or Marines.
Vehicle Transport--Holds up to two battalions of Light Vehicles, one of Heavy.
Heavy Tranpsort--Holds up to ten companies of Army or Marines.
Heavy Vehicle Transport--Holds up to two battalions of Heavy Vehicles, three and a half of Light.

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