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 Post subject: Independant World of Sparta
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2005 18:36 
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Flamethrower Infantry--Known for thier ferocity in combat, Spartan Flamethrower Infantry are basically regular Spartans with two tanks of flammable liquid on thier back. Designed to fire through outlets at the end of thier gauntlets, the flame burns incredibly hot for roughly 20 seconds.

Spartan LYCURGUS Shock Troopers--A team of specialists. Equipped with Heavy CMC-660 power armor. They have one expert in each field within the team: Heavy fire power Gauss rifles as basic wepons, snipers, Plasma based flame throwers, and at least one electronic sabetour, Pilot, Tactical commander, and explosives expert.

Minotaur Class Bomber:
Designed to use Sparta's planet killing weaponry, the Pandaro Microbe, the Minotaur bomber drops bombs to spread the agent in the atmosphere. The underside is heavily armored, as would be expected of any bomber.

Olympus class assault ships:
Fast assault frigates designed to use Sparta's Bio Force Cannon to use for maximum damage. Perfect for capital ship busting, a use Sparta is more than happy to utilize.

Orion Fighter:
A fast and heavliy shielded fighter, but average in other aspects. Thier main advantage is being able to jump with the capital ships.

Python Priests:
Spartan clergy who have achieved "enlightenment". They utilize PSI powers which they have developed through both meditation and slight physical changes, done to the brain during the training process.

Infantry weapons:

Sparta:(Punisher, waitin' for you for this)
Army:(Punisher, waitin' for you for this)
Navy:(Punisher, waitin' for you for this)
Specialized Tech:

Fighter Jump Tech

Bio Weapon Tech

Bio Form Weaponry

Plasma Flame Technology (Firebats, LYCURGUS Special Forces)

Fleet Order Of Battle:

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