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Turn Progression and Examples of play
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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 16 Dec 2008 17:32 ]
Post subject:  Turn Progression and Examples of play

The Progression of a Month

At the beginning of each Month the players consult their status reports and see how much wealth, fuel, raw materials, and research their infrastructure has produced during the previous turn. The player must then decide how to allocate these - along with their industrial production points - assets to various projects and plans during the month. These can be committed to building new infrastructure, building or extending roads or railroads, raising troops, improving the lot of the people, building various facilities and many other activities.

The player then decides what orders to issue to their spies, their inventors and their military. Spies may ferret out the secrets of their neighbors, protect the power from enemy spies, or attempt to suborn their enemies and cause their downfall through devious plots. The inventors may spread the word of new inventions, help improve the infrastructure or help crush the enemies of their power. The armies, navies, and air forces may defend the power or carry the brand of war against their neighbors, gaining the power more land, people and wealth in taxes or loot. So to can agents be sent out to negotiate with the neighboring powers and petty lords to try and get them to ally themselves with the player’s power, thus expanding their influence and power.

Once all of this is clearly laid out on the order form, the player pm's these orders to the GM. The GM then collates, consolidates and resolves the actions. During this process, the information is posted in the Galactic News Network thread. Next, the GM updates the power's statistics to reflect new construction, regions won and lost, and all investments. Finally, the status reports get any e-mail address and Chat information changes and each player then has an update posted in their private forum containing their status report, a copy of the GNN News and any communications sent by other players.

Most of the math and fiddly bits are going to be figured by the spreadsheet files a player will recieve, so he will only have to enter the variables. But lets see how the sheet calculates the numbers.

Example of Figuring the production in a Region:
First up is the regional statistics for Albion:
Super,Open | Albion | pop:8 | IU:15 | WU:20 | RP:25 | FU:5 | HU:8 | SRR:5, 1.5wu, -.5rm, PR:4, .8wu, UR:2, .2wu | 100 | na | hm | c | 0 | sul | (S) | Borders Frankland and Saxonia

Now a quick rundown on what the sections of the statistics mean:
Super, Open = Region Type
Albion = Region Name
pop:8 = The Region's Population Value (POP)
IU:15 = The Region's Industry Value (IU)
WU:20 = The Region's Wealth Value (WU)
RP:25 = The Region's Research Point Value (RP)
FU:5 = The Region's Fuel Value (FU)
HU:8 = The number of pops Housed (HU)
Regional Transportation Net levels and bonus broken down:
Standard RailRoads:5, 1.5wu, -.5rm = levels, bonus and maintenance, if any.
Paved Roads:4, .8wu = levels, bonus and maintenance, if any.
Unpaved Roads:2, .2wu = levels, bonus and maintenance, if any.
100 = Region Resistance Value
na = Years Since Conquest and if the region is Pacified
hm = The Control Status
c = The Terrain Type of the region
0 = Construction in the region (Fortifications or Facilities)
See Unit List = Garrisoned troops, if any.
(S) = If there is a (star)port in the region

So at the beginning of the turn the production the player would have from the region is as follows:
15 base industrial production points + 4 from housed pop = 19 PPs
20 base WUs + 1.5 from SRR + .8 from PR + .2 from UR = 22.5 WUs total
.5 Raw Materials maintenance cost due to the 5 Layers of SRR
25 RPs for the year in total from the region
5 Fuel Units

Example of Unit Creation
The Terran Empire wishes to field a Mechanized Infantry Division, using technology about as advanced as the present day. To do this, Terra will need the Basic Types 'Skilled Infantry', 'Artillery', 'Mobile Forces', and 'Armor'.

Terra starts with the 10,000 Skilled Infantry (1 point). The Empire wants more than just troops with assault rifles; it’s infantry will be armed with the latest in weapons, like the OICW, and with full body armor (+1 point for heavier weapons and +1 point for additional armor). That’s a total of 3 points. Since Terra will be using Level 7 Technology (actually Terra has a 775 in most Tech fields, but only the actual level is important here), those 3 points are multiplied by 7 for the maximum Advancement Level, for a final cost of 21.

Terra also wants to mount these infantry in APCs, and decides it will need 1,000 of them, or 2 points worth, using the Type 'Mobile Forces' (1 point per 500). Terra decides that it will add anti-tank missiles to these APCs (+1 point, applied to each). With its total cost for two groups of up-armed APCs now at 4 points, Terra decides that’s enough, multiplies by the Advancement Level, and gets a total cost of 28.

Now Terra looks at its tanks. It wants really kickass tanks, so it takes the Type 'Armor' (1 point per 100), and adds in two levels of additional armor and a battle computer (+3). While Terra would like to add in a bit more speed too, it has reached the maximum amount of added capability for an Advancement Level 7 unit. With cost at 4 points, it multiplies that by 7 for the tech level for a total of 28. This is for 100 tanks, but Terra decides its division will need at least 300, so for three groups, the final cost comes out to 84.

Finally, Terra deals with its artillery. These too it wants to improve above the basic Type of 'Artillery'. It adds +1 for extended weapons range, another +1 for added mobility, the guns are now tracked, and another +1 for some armor protection. Multiplying the total of 4 points by 7 for the Advancement Level Terra comes up with a cost of 28. Terra decides it only needs 200 of these, so just stays with one group.

The total size of this force is now 10,000 men, 1,000 APCs, 300 tanks and 200 self-propelled guns, and its total cost is a whopping 161 production points! Terra now has a very modern force. Had the Terrans simply settled for the basic Type and Advancement Level its cost would have been a mere 49 points, but then its army would have been far less capable.

Example of Infrastructure Investment in Another Power:
The tiny Star Nation of Paxanarion has 100 factories. The Terran Federation comes to an agreement with Paxanarion to pay 500 Wealth, to invest in 50 of that Industry.

Paxanarion promptly uses that money for a 20% infrastructure increase, paying 400 Wealth for 20 points of factories. The Terran Federation immediately gains a share of that amount equal to its share in the Paxanari factories, that is 200 Wealth. It's good to be the banker. :wink:

Next year, Paxanarion, now with 120 Industry, increases by 20% again, paying 480WU for 24 points of factories. The Terran Federation has not negotiated for any new Investment, and so now instead of owning 50% of that Industry, it only has a 42% share in the Paxanarion factories. This year the Terran Federation gains 202 Wealth. It is REALLY good to be the Banker! 8)

If things continue the same the next year, the Terran Federation will be down to a 35% share, but will gain 203 Wealth from the 580 Wealth spent by the Paxanari for another 20% increase. Of course, if the Paxanari decided not to increase the industry infrastructure at all, then the Terran Federation would get nothing.

The Terrans are also now responsible for any upkeep required on those owned factories.

Example of Opening a Trade Route:
Albion opens a trade route to the Roman Republic. Albion is the Starport of origin. They allocate 4 TUs with 50K CPs to open the route and it will go to Roma (the nearest Roman starport and, incidentally, the Roman capital). This route is three star systems long, Sol to DM+ 34451 to Sol II. On their orders they should indicate the following:
New Route: Senatus Populesque Romanus (Roma) from Albion, 3ss, 4TU, 50k CP.

On the order form, it would look like this:
From (Your Starport Region) Albion - Via 3 ss - To (Power) Senatus Populesque Romanus - To (Their Starport Region) Roma - TU 4 TU - 50k CP

Examples of Space Trade Route Conduits:
The Albionese control the Starport in the Region of Albion and a Starport at New Brighton on New Manchester. They have a Trade Range of 4, allowing them to form a Conduit between Albion, via Sol System, New Albion, New Alania, New Manchester (4 Star Systems) to New Brighton. This is one (1) Conduit.

The Albionese have acquired ‘anchor’ Regions in DM+ 4589 and on Proxima Crucis, Alpha Mensae and Sol II. These regions in those star systems form a set of Trade Conduits reaching from the Albionese heartland in the Sol System to Terra. From their final ‘anchor’ region of Port Darwin in the Sol II System, the Albionese merchants can reach the Romans. Due to the progression of events, however, the Romans do not have Trade Conduits in place to return the favor. Since the Romans could not open a Space Trade Route to the Albionese Capital or Command Center, they are not allowed to allocate Merchant Shipping to the Space Trade Routes opened by the Albionese. Effectively, the Albionese control all of the trade between themselves and the Romans.

Example of Cargo Point Conversion:
The Albionese have won another war against the Franks and decide to beef up their merchant fleets again, by converting a number of extra transports to TUs. They convert four Small Steamships and six Large Steamships to TUs. This gives them ( 4TL5 × 10K = 50K CPs, for the Small Steamships) and ( 6TL5 × 100K = 600K CPs, for the Large Steamships) for a total of 650K of extra CPs.

Example of Trading with Planetary Powers:
Albion has conquered the western portion of Frankland and is trading with the Aragonese, and Saxonians. Their Frankish possessions have common land borders with both of those powers. However, to trace a trade route from the Albionese capital (Londin) to any of the other capitals requires tracing a Trade Route across the Albionese Channel. Since this is an intervening terrain, the entire route is considered a Very Difficult Trade route.

Example of Interest Rates:
Italia has a Loan Capacity of 450wu. The Government of Frankland wants to borrow 200wu to finance a war against the Helvetians. The Italian internal rate is at 25% and the external is 43%. The Franks will have to pay back (200 × 1.43 = 286wu) to the Italians. When (and if) they do so, the Italian bank will get 36wu in cold hard cash, which will be invested, raising the base value of the Bank by (36/10=3.6) WU.

Example of a Loan Default:
The Franks, having previously borrowed 200wu from the Italian banks, launches their campaign against the Helvetians and the southern Saxonian cities and are utterly trounced at the battle of Ulm. So crushing is their defeat that they are forced to default on a large number of loans, including the one to the Italian banks.

So. The initial Italian capacity was 450wu, and the Franks borrowed 200wu. They, then, have defaulted on 44% of the Italian capacity. This means that the next turn, the Italian Wealth Value (normally, say, 100%) will be reduced by 44%, to 56%. Needless to say, this will not please the Italian government. The second year following, the base Wv (again, say it’s 100%) will be reduced by half of the forfeited percentage, or 22% to 78%. The third and final year of the process the Italian Wv will be 89%, as the reduction will be 11%.

Example of Arcology Conversion:
The Albionese are feeling the pinch of overpopulation in the region of Albion. The terrain in Albion is Super Open which has a base pop max of 50 x 3 for super region. That gives a base population of 150 before the region begins to suffer from overpopulation. Unfortunately for Albion the region has a population of 163 units, so overpopulation is beginning to affect the region. The Albionese begin to think that converting their population's housing infrastructure to arcologies is beginning to look more and more like a good idea.

Each Arcology point costs 50 WUs and wipes out 10 points of housing already built in the region (if any). The Albionese know it is going to take a serious stack of cash to convert all the housing so forgo the opportunity to convert it all at once. They decide to instead invest in conversion a little at a time. With the first conversion they decide to eliminate the overpopulation problem and give themselves a little leeway for growth.

They decide to convert 10 pop infra capacity into arcologies. The cost is 500 WUs and an increase to the population bonus of 50 and 4 super wall points per arcology. A hefty price tag but now the population limit in Albion is 200 and a minimum of 50 pop is now housed in the arcologies. Completely eliminating the overpopulation problem. Along with the nice bonus of having each arcology having 4 super wall points to defend with.

Finally the Albionese player denotes that Albion has 10 of its pop infra capacity as arcologies by marking it thusly in the housing definition; Ac (10)

Example of Star Fortress Construction:
It is the dawn of the American space expolration effort. The US has decided that to explore the new frontier they will need a secure base in orbit to support efforts further out in the solar system.

They have a (star)port located in the Southeast region and will be using rockets to lift the IUUs into orbit and in expectation of that have built quite a few of their Titan 2 WMDs as lifting bodies instead. They pay the 100 WUs and lift the 10 IUUs into GEO orbit. At the end of the fifth turn Skywatch One becomes operational with one Bastion.

Example of Space Based Infrastructure Construction:
The American space expolration effort has yielded spectacular success and Congress has decided it is time to move manufacturing into orbit to ease the cost of producing space based items. Therefore the US has decided that to expand Skywatch One into a proper space station.

They have a (star)port located in the Southeast region and will be using rockets to lift the IUUs into orbit and in expectation of that have built quite a few Saturn 5 lifting bodies. They pay the 225 WUs and lift the 25 IUUs into GEO orbit. At the end of the turn Skywatch One transforms into Earth Two and becomes operational in 6 turns with a pop cap of one and with one Bastion. On the seventh turn the US pays designates the next infra will be an IU and pays the 120WUs then lifts the 15 IUUs into orbit. 6 turns later Earth Two has been upgraded to a level two space station with one pop and one industry capacity available.

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If anybody has a request for a specific mechanic of play example just shout it out. :bs

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Space Raid Example

Here’s a detailed example of a commerce raid where both races have FTL drives that can be intercepted:

The United Kingdom of Albion and Alania is at war with the Dark Ones. Part of the Albionese war plan involves commerce raiding. This should at least draw off some DO fleets and perhaps harm their economy. The DO's have colonies at 474003, 494003, and 504001. The Albionese Royal Navy has a fleet at strategic hex 474000 and decide this would be a good chance to hurt the DO's without risking the Albionese ships too much. The Corsair and Scout DDs have a +1 stealth Cap so they do not automatically show up on the DO’s sensor net. The Albionese player writes up his ship/fleet order like this:

Name: The Prince of Gwynedd’s Raiders
Units: 1x Corsair Leader Class DD, 3x Corsair Class DDs, 1x Scout
Start Hex: 474000
Orders: Invade DO space and attack DO shipping at will. Move to 484001, 494001*, 504002*, 504003*, 494002*, 484003*, 474002, and 474001
End Hex: 474001
The Albionese player figures that he has a 50% chance of disrupting the flow of WUs between the DO colonies.

The GM (after reading the DO orders) knows that there are no active patrols or Q-ships in the area. So, he rolls for each strategic hex that could possibly have a trade route running between the colonies. He doesn’t roll for hex 474002 even though it is in the enemy supply net because no civilian ships would be traveling in that section of space. The rolls are 45, 51, 99, 05, and 08. The raiders are lucky and catch two groups of civilian freighters. The GM looks over the orders for the DOs and sees that all three of these worlds have trade routes to other parts of the Empire. So, he decides that the WUs are flowing away from the colonies. The intercept in strategic hex 494002 is probably WUs from the colony at 504001 K (124 WUs per turn.) Divided by four, that’s 31 WUs that the DOs lose. Since the destroyers totally overwhelm the civilian freighters, the GM decides to use the narrative method of combat resolution.

The intercept at 484003 is probably from the colony at 474003. This colony is a well defended supplier of food and generates 660 WUs per turn. The raiders destroy 165 WUs meant for the Empire. If the DO cannot absorb the 195 WUs lost via their treasury, then somewhere a ship is not being built, a base is getting delayed, or perhaps an R&D project is being underfunded.

This preceding example was a commerce raid on the fringe of an enemy empire. If the Albionese player is more daring and strikes deeper, there is a domino effect where hundreds or even thousands of WUs can be lost due to raiding. Of course, the risks are significantly higher that customs fleets will be deployed to put an end to Albionese plundering. In this example, the Albionese and the Dos are xenophobic and genocidal towards each other. Most likely, the Albionese ordered the civilian cargo ships destroyed and simply blew up the cargo.

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This is a detailed example of combat and what the GM looks at for figuring combat results.

After numerous raids upon the United Kingdom's territories, the player, Lord Churchill has decided to launch a major thrust into the territories of the Franks. Field Marshall Lord Churchill has been recruiting and training his men for a number of years, and has built up his fleet to the size which can support an extended campaign away from Albion. He has sent these orders to his GM:

Lord Churchill, Ruler of the United Kingdom of Albion & Alania
Military Order

1) Have the five divisions of 1st Corps to begin coordinating military exercises and working with their fellow divisions. Drilling should be intense and commanders should be preparing their troops for the serious threat of military action to be executed anytime within the next six months.

2) My 2 cavalry Divisions will break up into four brigades of 5 squadrons each. These troops will also coordinate military exercises with the infantry, paying particular attention to flanking maneuvers. Their commanders are to prepare their units for imminent combat within the next six months.

3) My fleet of the First Channel Fleet Squadron consisting of 1 Royal Soverign Leader class battleship , 4 Royal Soverign Class battleships, 2 Orlando Class Armored Cruisers and the First Transport Squadron consisting of seven large steamships should practice naval maneuvers, which are to include supply dropoffs, naval bombardments, and open water combat. The captains are also responsible to prepare their crews for imminent combat in the next six months.

4) My advisors and myself will be making frequent spot checks of all infantry, cavalry, and naval units.

5) The objective is to strike a crippling blow to the raiding forces base in the next six months under the right weather conditions.


1) Raid - Sol System - Terra - West Frankland - an infantry division along with three cavalry brigades will feign an attack upon the port of Brest. The movement will be through the Albionese Channel and they are not to disguise their presence once they land. They are to kick up a lot od smoke and dust and set a large number of campfires in order to appear to be a larger army than they truly are.

Siege - Franks - Sol System - Terra - North Frankland Then SR - Sol System - Terra - North Frankland The remaining four infantry divisions along with the last cavalry brigade will then make a dash across the Channel and land and sack the port and town of Cherbourg. The Cavalry brigade is to attack the port from the west and stir up panic by attacking the surrounding farmlands and burning the crops. The infantry divisions are to attack the city from the south and going around the sea walls. Normally this route is guarded by the Frankish navy. To alleviate this the Albionese Royal Navy is to engage the Frankish Navy and draw them away from their regional protection duties.


Albionese Forces:
Navy: 9 {ships}x(250 {RS P-DN NCF} + (28 {crew} x2 {training} x1.00 {base}) +100 {weapon bonus} +0 {bonus/penalty} = 3654
Total Albionese Naval Combat Rating = 3654

Frankish Forces:
6 {ships} x(230 {CA NCF} +(24 {crew} x2 {training} x1 {base} +40 {weapon bonus} +0 {bonus/penalty} = 1948
7 {ships} x(16 {Frtr NCF} +(16 {crew} x1 {training} x1 {base} +40 {weapon bonus} +0 {bonus/penalty = 504
Total Frankish Naval Combat Rating = 2452

Albion Loss Base:
2452 {sum of enemy Naval Combat rating}/3654 {Naval Combat rating}/1 {number of enemies} x.20 {battle modifier} = 0.1342

Frankland Loss Base:
3654 {sum of enemy Naval Combat rating}/2452 {Naval Combat rating}/1 {number of enemies} x.20 {battle modifier} = 0.2980

Albionese Combat Loss:
Naval, 9 {number of ships} x0.1342 {loss base} = 1 ship {RS P-DN} lost

Frankish Combat Loss:
Naval, CA: 6 {number of ships} x0.2980 {loss base} = 2 ships lost
Naval, Frtr: 7 {number of ships} x 0.2980 {loss base} 2 ships lost

The Frankish navy surrenders because the Naval Combat rating ratio will increase against them, the Port of Cherbourg is destroyed, and they are unable to outrun the faster Albionese fleet.

Albionese losses:
1 Royal Soverign Pre-Dreadnought

Frankish Losses:
4 CA warships captured, two sunk
5 small steamships captured, two sunk


Albionese Forces:
(40K {soldiers} x2 {training} +0 {bonus/penalty} = 80K
5K {soldiers} x3 {training} +0 {bonus/penalty} = 15K
Navy (8** {ships} x100 {weapon bonus} +0 {bonus/penalty} = 800
Total Albionese Siege Combat Rating = 96.3K

Frankish Forces:
(2K {soldiers} x2) +6K {bonus/penalty} = 10K
Male Citizens:
20K {men} x1 {training} +0 {bonus/penalty} = 20K
Total Frankish Siege Combat rating = 30K

Success of a siege:
(30K {defender's Siege Combat rating} x(1.00 {base} +1.50 {fortifications present})) - 96.3K {attacker's Siege Combat rating} x(1.00 + 1.00 {surprise})) = -42.6K

Determining Success:
-42.6K is a negative number, therefore the Fortifications have been breached.


Albionese Forces:
40K {soldiers} x2 {training} x(1.00 {base} +1.25 {Martini-Henry rifle} +1.00 {surprise}) +0 {bonus/penalty} = 260K
5K {soldiers} x3 training} x(1.00 {base} +1.00 {horse} +.75 {dragoon pistol} +1.00 {surprise}) = 56.25K
Total Albionese Combat rating = 316.25K

Frankish Forces:
2K x2 {training} x(1.00 {base} +1.25 {Bolt Action Rifle} +.50 {defending home}) +0 {bonus/penalty = 9K
Male Citizens:
20K {men} x1 {training} x(1.00 +.50 {defending home}) = 30K
Total Frankish Combat rating = 39K

Albionese Loss Base:
39K {sum of enemy Combat Rating}/316.25K {combat Rating}/1 {number of enemies} x0.10* = 0.0123

Frankish Loss Base:
316.25K {sum of enemy combat rating}/39K {Combat Rating}/1 {number of enemies} x.10* = 0.8108

Albionese Combat Loss:
40K {number of soldiers} x0.0123 {loss base} = 492 soldiers killed
5K {number of soldiers} x0.0123 {loss base} = 61.5 rounded up to 62 troopers killed

Frankish Combat Loss:
2K {number of soldiers} x 0.8108 {loss base} = 1621.6 rounded up to 1622 soldiers killed
Male Citizens:
20K {number of men} x0.8108 {loss base} = 16216 men killed

*The battle modifier was lowered due to a lack of defenders for the forts.
** One of the ships was sunk in the naval battle.

Once the battle was won the Albionese begin the grisly task of completing their Sack Region orders. When they finally retreat North Frankland has been turned into a scorched wasteland with all their infrastructure destroyed and half their population dead. It will be a long time before the people of Frankland launch another raid against the United Kingdom from Northern Frankland.

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